Marina Midnight Mysterninum

has long white hair and violet eyes like her father. Has a long slashing scar on her back and burn scar on back of right leg.


Name: Marina Midnight Mysterninum
Sex: female
Age: 75
Race: Half Elf
Age looks around the age of 17 or 18
Sexual towards:Male
Birth place: She was born in the town of Calindime. A place where prayer was a common thing and sins were not tolerated.
Mother: Lilly myserninum. The human daughter of a Farmer and a Florist. Lilly grew roses and many other flowers like her mother did selling to to the town who loved them. Two years before Marina was born a strange man entered the town. He was a tall, very classy looking, handsome man who’s hair was as white as snow and eyes as beautiful as the violets that Lilly grew. His name was Zelphar Phelis an Elvan man who liked to travel a lot. He began to fall for Lilly as he stayed in the religious town and began to court her. A year after his arrival he gave Lilly a black rose choker. That night they had sex out of wedlock that everyone in the town found out and began to shun her. When Zelphar found out that she was with child he gave her a choice
Get rid of the child
or keep the child and he goes.
Lilly seeing that this was her first child she was not just going to kill her and decided to keep the half elf baby. Six months after Zelphar left Lilly gave birth to Marina. As if her god was adding salt to her wounded heart the child looked like her father making her think about how he abandon her and marina. The town wouldn’t help the mother with taking care of her half breed child stating that she was a sinner and her child was one made of evil

Lone survivor
At the age of 8 Marina town was destroyed by a group of Bandits who killed everyone but Marina. Lilly placed her in a closet and told her to not move unless she told her to. As soon as her mother told her goodbye one of the Bandits grabbed her mother and stabbed her through the chest. Marina watched as her mother fell to the ground and bleed out as the bandits raided the house taking anything of value. When the men left Marina jumped out of the closet disobeying her mother and tried to wake her up. This moment of tears and heart wrenching pain didn’t last long as one of the men entered the room and alerted the others of Marina presence. The leader decided to take her with them stating that it would be a waist to kill such a pretty child telling them she would be of use later. Marina stayed with the men till the age of 13, due to her half elf nature she grew quickly and reached maturity making her look like a 18 year old instead of the 13 year old she was. This was when the leader decided that she was old enough to have sex with. Over the years Marina had been molested many times but never had she been raped. As the leader of the group tried to have sex with her she took the chains that were holding her hands together and chocked the man out and to make sure he was dead she snapped his neck. But as she was killing him she knocked over a bedside lamp, as it hit the floor and shattered it’s oil caught flame and the bed caught fire. The fire burned her leg badly melting the skin and flesh. In the other room the other men smelled the smoke and entered the room only to see their leader dead, his neck snapped and his body aflame. Marina tried to escape out the window but as she climbed out of the men slashed her with a great axe, bleeding and burnt she climbed out of the window into a river below the hideout.
Marina is a kind person who tries to help others when she can. She also will not tolerate anyone dissing her mother. She can be blunt and has a swearing problem. Over the years she has had a problem sleeping by herself because of the nightmares that she has of her mother dieing.

Marina Midnight Mysterninum

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